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Located in San Francisco de Sales, Cundinamarca, in the Gualivá region, one of Colombia’s largest pure water sources.

La Carlina is a farm that is over 200 years old, located on the old mule trade route that connected Bogota to the port of Honda, on the Magdalena River.

The house at La Carlina has served many purposes in its long existence: it has served as an inn for travelers going from Bogota to Honda when traveling was done by horse or mule, was the scene of the legendary Battle of the Yaque, was a convent and a coffee trading house between merchants from Bogota and the lower mountainous regions.

Our distillery is part of Colombian history in every bottle we produce.


We are the first Craft and Independent Distillery in Colombia in 200 years of republican history.

Our  fermentation process is slow and at low temperatures, adding more natural flavor to our products.

The distilled mash is made from virgin molasses or cane juice, passing through our hybrid 9-plate copper still, to obtain a high-quality sugarcane alcohol with an unparalleled taste and smoothness.


We cultivate our own organic sugar cane, protect our water sources, and use cane bagasse as our heating fuel, ensuring a sustainable and circular process.

We support local farmers in the Gualiva region by purchasing molasses and sugarcane with stable long term contracts, giving them future economic certainty. Among our collaborators, we prioritize the hiring of single mothers and victims of violence that need a second chance in life.

The Trapiche (Cane Mill) and Distillery serve as a community workshop. With the support of Fedepanela, we train employees and local sugarcane farmers in good farming, milling, and distillation practices for those who would like to pursue the trade.

In Colombia, there are over 250,000 sugarcane farming families, and we want to contribute to the sustainability and growth of our industry and their livelihoods.


DESQUITE is a constant reminder that we all need to give and receive second chances in life and love.

Distilled from virgin sugarcane molasses, spring water from the Andes mountains, and natural anise.

28% ABV / 56% Proof 

No sugar or additives added

It’s a homage to the traditional cane distillates of our ancestors.

A blend of 50% virgin sugarcane molasses and 50% fresh organic sugar cane juice distillate. Cut to proof with  natural spring water from the Andes mountains and a light touch of natural anise.

38% ABV / 76 Proof

No sugar or additives added.

100% Colombian Crafted White Rum. 

A rum for the superstitious and those who don’t even believe in themselves.

Distilled from virgin molasses and aged in Ex-Bourbon American white oak barrels for a minimum of 6 months at 1700 meters above sea level.

40% ABV / 80 proof

No sugar or additives added.